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Cnc Machining Aluminum 5083 Special-Shaped Crafts

Aluminum 5083 Special-Shaped Crafts is a special-shaped handicraft with complex structure. The product has many free-form surfaces, many machining clamping positions, and has a spiral complex arc surface, which is difficult to process. After machining, it needs to save mold polishing and mirror polishing. There are many process procedures, which is easy to cause secondary damage during machining. This product is also processed with different materials to diversify the product.

  • Product Name: Special-Shaped Crafts
  • Machining material: 303/304 stainless steel
  • Machining Accuracy: Finishing
  • Machining type: CNC machining center
  • Surface treatment: mirror polishing, colorful electroplating
  • Delivery time: 1-5 days for proofing, about 20 days for mass production (the specific situation is based on the order situation, and the quantity and structure of the product)

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