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Aluminum Machine Shop

Aluminum Machine Shop
BE-CU rapid prototyping Co., Limited was founded in 1995, with a registered capital of 3 million, and now has more than 500 employees. We are one of the China best CNC machining companies, specialize in low cost aluminum cnc machining parts manufacturing. The products are mainly used in medical, electronic, aerospace, mechanical, communication, toys, intelligent equipment and other industries.

We have invested a lot quality and production environments. In 2015, We passed the quality system review of SGS Company and got the first “ISO9001:2015” certificate. In 2016, we passed the ITAF 16949 system review of automotive certification Company. Be-cu rapid prototyping company has carefully implemented each regulation in management details in accordance with ISO, and fully guaranteed the CNC machining product quality and customer satisfaction.

We started helping people cnc machining aluminum parts and products in 1995. As our reputation and customer base has grown so has our range of services. We are now one of the only companies in the world to offer such a massive range of aluminum machining and bespoke mass volume aluminum parts solutions all under one roof. Our high tech rapid prototyping and production facilities include cnc milling,cnc turning, swiss machining,5 axis machining and aluminum extrusion as well as traditional dies making and a range of finishing techniques.

 China Leading Aluminum Cnc Machining Production Facilities

Dongguan Be-cu Prototype Co., Ltd is mainly specialized in aluminum cnc machining and aluminum extrusion,etc.,.

NAME Cnc Milling Machine Cnc Turning Machine 5 Axis Machine Swiss Machine Turn-Mill Machine
SET 70 30 2 20 1


Be-cu has vertical, horizontal, 3 axis, 4 axis and 5 axis CNC machines with tolerances of ± .0001 in and ±.005 mm, which can be used to manufacture the custom aluminum parts. We also have other services such as grinding, milling, turning, trimming, drilling, deburring, tapping, threading, sand blasting, polishing, vibratory finishing, pressure testing, washing and assembly. Be-cu’s heat treatment include T4, T5, T6 and T7, which allows weldability, glue joining, rivet and low porosity shapes.

In order to meet the requirement of customer’s specifications and avoid any quality problem when products have arrived at the customer’s side, we will use many different kinds of measuring machines and tools to check them in our aluminum machining process. Focusing on cnc machining parts quality control for each project, We confirm each client receives the desired product.Be-cu has presicion measuring equipment including ZEISS CMM,pin gauges,roughness,projector and micrometer,concentricity measurement etc.,

We can accept to sign NDA agreement, And Real-time ISO 9001:2015 and ITAF 16949 certificate check please consult our sales.To ask about a specific capability or machine-related specification, contact us for full particulars from a Be-cu customer service representative.

Cnc Machining Equipment List In Be-cu prototype company

850 CNC Milling True 4th-Axis(12 sets) CNC EQUIPMENT Mitsubishi MB850 800*600*500,40 Taper
770 CNC Engraving(3 sets) CNC EQUIPMENT Mitsubishi MB770 800*600*500,50 Taper
T5CNC Milling Machine(11 sets) CNC EQUIPMENT Mitsubishi NVT5 1200*800*600,50 Taper
4500 Big CNC Milling(2 sets) CNC EQUIPMENT Taiwan 4500H 10000*1000*600,50 Taper
2500 Big CNC Milling(5 sets) CNC EQUIPMENT Taiwan NV2500 5000*800*500
430 CNC Engraving(8 sets) CNC EQUIPMENT Mitsubishi FA 430 500*300*300,40 Taper
550 CNC Engraving with 4th Axis(4 sets) CNC EQUIPMENT Mitsubishi CMX550 600*400*300,40 Taper
1166 CNC Milling Machine(4 sets) CNC EQUIPMENT Taiwan VMC1166 22‘’lx16‘’D‘’,40 Taper
855 CNC Milling Machine(5 sets) CNC EQUIPMENT Taiwan NV855 800*600*500,50 Taper
650 CNC Milling Machine(4 sets) CNC EQUIPMENT Taiwan EMC650 600*400*300,40 Taper
650 CNC Milling and true 4th-Axis(3 sets) CNC EQUIPMENT Taiwan MB650 600*400*300,40 Taper
CNC Turning Machine Center(6 sets) CNC EQUIPMENT Hitachi 40G- 15‘’ Up to 24‘’Swing,43‘’
Length 4 1/ 2‘’Bar Capacity
46 Taiwan CNC Lathe(7 sets) and 46 Switzerland lathe (5 sets) CNC EQUIPMENT Switzerland Diameter is 46 46’,40 Taper
36 Taiwan CNC Lathe(7 sets) and 20 Japan Lathe(5 sets) CNC EQUIPMENT Japan Diameter is 36 36’,40 Taper
25 Automatic lathe(20 sets) CNC EQUIPMENT Taiwan MB25 25,40 Taper
Mazak Five-axis CNC lathe(1 set) and Mitsubishi Five-axis CNC lathe(2 sets) CNC EQUIPMENT Mazak VF-6/50TR 7,500 rpm (47,124 rad.min-1)
 Cnc Turning Lathe 46 Zexincnc / /
 Cnc Turning Lathe 46 Difen / /
Cnc Turning Lathe 46 Achmick / /
Cnc Turning Lathe 36 Zexincnc / /
Auto Lathe 1525 MYLAS / /
 Cnc Turning Lathe 20 Bysk / /
Cnc Turning Lathe 15 Bysk / /
Cnc Turning Lathe 20 MUCUN / /
Cnc Turning Lathe 76 Siemens / /
 Cnc Turning Lathe 75 Siemens / /
5 Axis Longitudinal Lathes 265 Tsugami / /
Swiss Machining Lathe 206 Tsugami / /
4 Axis Turning Lathe / / / /
Instrument lathe / / / /
Type lathe DENCH TYPE LATHE Taiwan 25 25
Precision grinder GRINDING MACHINES Taiwan T4(6 sets) 1200*800*600
6030 Water grinder GRINDING MACHINES Taiwan 6030(2 sets) 3000*1000*300
8040 Water grinder GRINDING MACHINES Taiwan 8040(2 sets) 5000*1500*600
6m Aluminum Profile CNC Machining Center  HACHI-CNC / 20 /
8m Aluminum Profile CNC Machining Center  HACHI-CNC / 16 /
12m Aluminum Profile CNC Machining Center HACHI-CNC / 4 /
High-Speed Drilling And Tapping Machine / / / /
3600T positive and negative extruder / / / /
3200T Reverse Double Action Extruder / / / /
10000T Reverse Double Action Extruder / / / /
Air compressor / / / /
Automatic spraying line / / / /
Spray cabinet / / / /