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Aluminum Machining Cost

Aluminum Machining Cost

Aluminum Machining Cost

Aluminum CNC Machining Cost

CNC machining aluminum parts has higher precision than ordinary deep machining, so the price of CNC machining is higher than that of ordinary deep machining. So how is the price of CNC aluminum parts calculated?

1. Calculate the processing fee according to the processing process

This calculation method is very simple, that is, how much does it cost to punch a hole, how much does it cost to tap a thread, how much does it cost to mill a square centimeter… Then multiply by the number of holes to be machined, the area of ​​milling, and add up these amounts It is the price of CNC machining of an aluminum part. If there are many holes on the aluminum parts, such as the vacuum suction plate of a printer, and there are hundreds of holes on one piece, the unit price of processing holes can be slightly lower.

2. Calculate the price according to the processing time

Pricing by working hours is how much it costs to process an hour. Of course, the more complex the product, the longer the working hours and the higher the processing fee. The man-hours are also calculated in advance, such as how long it takes to process a hole and how long it takes to mill a plane, and then add up all the man-hours for all the processing procedures to get the total required man-hours. Generally speaking, batch CNC processing is cheaper than aluminum parts proofing, because proofing involves programming, calibration, etc., which are very time-consuming. The large-scale processing of aluminum parts is more convenient, but the equipment is lost and the labor is less.

The CNC Machining And Related Cost Factors

To optimize design costs, one should understand the various factors that affect price. Sometimes rethinking materials or surface finish can significantly reduce the bottom line. Machine shops consider the following key factors when determining project costs:

Cnc Machining For Aluminum

  1. Machine shops use machines such as milling machines and lathes for parts manufacturing. 3- and 5-axis machining centers provide flexibility for designing parts with complex geometries and tight tolerances.
  2. The cost of machining depends on the type of machine and the number of hours it will run, often referred to as machine time. Stores set hourly rates for running different types of machines.
  3. These costs have nothing to do with labor. The advantages offered by each machine depend on the geometric complexity of the part. The design should be optimized as much as possible before sending it to the machine shop.

The Features For Aluminum Parts

  1. The characteristics of a part refer to the geometry and complexity of the design. For parts with complex features, more programming time, run time, and setup time are required.
  2. Complex parts may also require specialized tools, multiple setups and machines to manufacture, adding to the cost of the final product. It is beneficial to simplify the design as much as possible to reduce the cost per part.
  3. Simplify the design by eliminating unnecessary features. In some cases, it may be more cost-effective to split the design into parts and then assemble them.

The Price Of Aluminum Material

  1. The cost and machinability of the material will be the main factor in determining the cost. Materials include aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, etc.
  2. While material costs fluctuate with the market, if rapid prototyping is required, aluminum and plastic are produced faster and at lower cost.
  3. A general rule of thumb is to choose the cheapest material without sacrificing shape, soundness or function.

The Artificial Of Aluminum Machining

  1. The CNC machining machine requires little human intervention once it is set up. Engineers or programmers have to perform specific steps. These include:
  2. Programming: Programmers convert CAD files into CAM files for CNC machine processing. to write a program.
  3. Processing: The cnc operator will operate the machine according to the programmed program for production.
  4. Quality Control: Quality procedures vary from product to product. Usually, a company will have a quality team and quality inspection equipment,
  5. Post-processing: Part assembly, cleaning, support removal, and surface preparation often require manual intervention.
  6. Labor costs for CNC machining are highest at startup, but companies can offset these initial investments in high-volume production.

The Finishing Service Of Aluminum Parts

  1. The surface treatment improves the final surface of the part, removing any tool marks or roughness for aesthetic purposes and providing wear resistance. The machine shop offers a variety of finishes for different materials.
  2. Surface treatment affects part tolerances, ranging from simple “machining” to more expensive anodizing or sandblasting. Surface finish depends on the application of the part. A qualified machine shop can help determine the most prudent choice.

Aluminum Extrusion Profile Cost

Recently, the price of domestic aluminum ingots has continued to rise and has exceeded the 25,000 mark. The processing cost of aluminum profiles has increased, resulting in a rapid price increase, so that many customers cannot accept the price gap of aluminum profiles; if we understand the calculation of processing costs of aluminum profiles method, the market price of aluminum profiles can be calculated according to the current price of raw materials, which is helpful for us to always pay attention to the trend of the aluminum profile market; let us briefly analyze the factors in the extrusion process of aluminum profiles that will affect its processing cost, one by one Listed to facilitate our cost accounting; If you want to calculate the processing cost of aluminum profiles, you must understand the factors that affect the cost. Let’s briefly analyze it;

  1. Raw materials (aluminum ingots):Aluminum ingot is a necessary raw material for extruding aluminum profiles. When the price of aluminum ingots fluctuates, it will directly affect the extrusion processing cost of aluminum profiles. Therefore, aluminum ingots are one of the main factors affecting the production cost of aluminum profiles;
  2. Labor costs:The labor cost is one of the important items of enterprise cost input. The labor cost incurred in the production of aluminum profiles needs to be evenly allocated to the product cost. Then when the labor cost increases, the production cost of aluminum profiles will increase, so the labor Aluminum Machining Cost is one of the important factors affecting the extrusion cost of aluminum profiles;
  3. Equipment loss:Many people do not understand why the equipment loss is included in the cost of extrusion processing of aluminum profiles, because extrusion equipment is one of the main items of enterprise cost input, and it has a certain service life. Wear and tear will occur, and it will be eliminated when it reaches a certain age, so the equipment wear and tear during use needs to be included in cost accounting;
  4. Material consumption:Material consumption refers to the necessary consumables in the extrusion process of aluminum profiles, such as lubricants, mold release agents, release agents, and various chemical solutions required for surface treatment, which are all necessary consumables, which all require Calculated into the cost;
  5. Energy consumption:Energy consumption is also an important cost input item for enterprises. For a production enterprise, the cost input brought by energy consumption is huge, so energy consumption is also one of the key components of product production costs;

The above factors affecting the extrusion cost of aluminum profiles do not include the issue of freight. Although freight is an important factor in the price composition of aluminum profiles, due to the influence of various controllable and uncontrollable factors, the freight issue is difficult to control and has a certain floating space. , so it needs to be calculated separately;

The Method Of Accounting Aluminum Machining Cost

  1. Set up a cost calculation sheet according to the product type, and set up columns according to cost items (direct materials, direct wages, and manufacturing expenses) in the calculation sheet. For products that have product costs in progress at the beginning of the month, they should also be registered in the product cost calculation sheet. The cost of the product at the beginning of the month.
  2. According to the original vouchers and related materials of various expenses incurred in the production process, prepare various expense allocation tables, and set up “Basic Production Cost Detail Ledger”, “Product Cost Calculation Sheet”, “Auxiliary Production Cost Detail Ledger”, “Manufacturing Expenses Ledger”, etc.
  3. According to the “Detailed Ledger of Prepaid Expenses” and “Detailed Account of Accrued Expenses”, prepare the “Allocation Table of Prepaid Expenses and Accrued Expenses”, and register the “Detailed Account of Manufacturing Expenses” and “Production Cost-Auxiliary Production Cost Details” account” etc.
  4. Prepare the “Auxiliary Production Expenses Allocation Table” to allocate the auxiliary production expenses according to the expenses collected in the “Production Costs-Auxiliary Production Costs Detail Ledger” according to the consumption of various products and units.
  5. Expenses collected in the “Manufacturing Expenses Detail Ledger” shall be distributed among them using a certain method, and the “Manufacturing Expenses Allocation Table” shall be prepared and registered in the set “Production Cost-Basic Production Cost Detail Ledger” and various on the Product Costing Sheet.
  6. If there is no work-in-progress at the end of the month, the production costs incurred in this month are all the cost of the finished product; if there is work-in-progress at the end of the month, and the quantity is large, a certain method should be adopted, and the production cost should be calculated between the finished product and the end of the period. Allocate between products so that finished product costs are calculated and carried forward in Product Costing Sheets.
  7. According to the cost of finished products in this month calculated in each cost calculation sheet; compile the “Completed Product Cost Summary Calculation Sheet”, calculate the total cost and unit cost of the finished product, and report in the “Production Cost – Basic Production Cost Details” Carry forward in the account”.

Take the product variety as the cost accounting object, and set the production cost sub-ledger (product cost calculation sheet). If the enterprise (or production unit) only produces one product, the cost accounting object is the finished product of that product. The production cost sub-ledger (product cost calculation sheet) is set according to this type of product, and all production costs can be directly recorded in the production cost sub-ledger (product cost calculation sheet) of this type of product, including various production costs including manufacturing costs. Neither need to be distributed among the various costing objects. If a variety of products are produced, the production cost sub-ledger (product cost calculation sheet) should be set up according to the product type, and the direct expenses incurred can be directly recorded in the production cost sub-ledger (product cost calculation sheet) of each variety, and the indirect costs should be separately Collected, and then distributed among the various cost accounting objects using appropriate distribution methods, and then recorded in the detailed ledger of the production cost of each variety (product cost calculation sheet).

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