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How Can Spain Bet On Renewable Energies?

How Can Spain Bet On Renewable Energies?

How Can Spain Bet On Renewable Energies

In the 21st century, the biggest bet for humanity is to drastically reduce carbon emissions. For this, the only option will be renewable energies.

According to the report “ Faster&Cleaner 2: Kick – Starting Global Decarbonisation ”, the trends leading to decarbonisation are divided into three sectors that are the keys to the global energy system: energy, transport and buildings. This report analyzed the steps necessary for a rapid transition in these areas.

The increase in employment in this sector has been the result of many countries opting for clean energy. Spain, Denmark and Germany were the first to promote renewable energies: between 2006 and 2015 wind energy increased by 600% and solar by 3500%. A similar trend is starting in the transport sector with the production of electric cars. And lastly, in construction there are technological solutions that can give rise to “zero carbon” buildings, which is what will be called green architecture.

Spain And Its Proposal For Renewable Energy

In Spain, 40 organizations have come together to form a single so-called ” Alliance for Self-Consumption ” made up of unions, consumer associations, businessmen and environmentalists.

The organization claims the right of citizens to produce their own energy without tolls and that this form of renewable generation be recognized as a citizen’s right. It also demands that the Government prevent any retroactive measure and that no technical or economic barriers be imposed, so that society can enjoy the environmental, economic and social benefits.

“Alliance for Self-Consumption” ensures that current technological advances allow each community or company to be self-sufficient with their own clean energy, in this way citizens would be actively involved in changing the energy model.

On the other hand, they comment that the environmental benefits of this formula would be clear, since greenhouse gas emissions would be emitted in order to improve air quality.

In addition, in the economy it is estimated that there would be a reduction in the price of electricity and the electricity bill since competition would be generated in the electrical system.

As you can see, “The Alliance” is going to carry out different initiatives to make citizens and the political class aware that the renewable energy system is a citizen’s right with many benefits, so that the walls that today stop other entities from joining disappear. to this initiative.