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4 Axis Cnc Machining ​Aluminum 5052 Semiconductor Parts

For the machining of semiconductor parts, it is mainly the size requirements, such as the diameter of the cylinder, there are strict requirements, and the positive and negative errors are within the specified requirements. There are also regulations for positive and negative errors. For example, an embedded cylinder (take Z simple basic semiconductor components as an example), if the diameter is too large and exceeds the allowable error range, it will cause the situation that it cannot be inserted. If the actual diameter If it is too small, the lower limit of the allowable negative value of the error will be exceeded, which will cause the insertion to be too loose and the problem of not firmness will occur. These are all unqualified products, or the length of the cylinder is too long or too short, which exceeds the allowable range of error, and they are all unqualified products.

  • 【Part name】CNC machining of semiconductor high-precision parts
  • 【Manufacturing process】Four-axis CNC milling
  • 【Product Features】High precision requirements
  • 【Material】Imported aluminum alloy 5082
  • 【Surface treatment】Natural color hard anodizing
  • 【Machining equipment】Imported four-axis CNC machining center
  • 【Accuracy and size】GB-6 accuracy, accuracy requirement ±0.01mm; length 285mm, width 80mm, height 105mm

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