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Cnc Milling Aluminum 6061 Communication Equipment Cavity

This product is a communication equipment cavity, which is processed by 6061 series aluminum alloy. The structure is relatively simple, but there are many clamping surfaces, the tolerance requirements are small, the machining is difficult, and there are assembly requirements. Since this product uses an aluminum block to empty the central gong, it is easy to deform during machining. Our engineers strictly control each process and can well control the deformation during machining to meet customer expectations. This product has strict requirements on the surface. In order to ensure product quality, from process design to product production, we strictly control each process, and have closely negotiated with customers to meet customer expectations.

  • Product name: Communication equipment cavity
  • Product material: Al 6061
  • Machining equipment: CNC precision mechanical parts machining center
  • Accuracy requirements: ±0.05mm without burr, smooth surface
  • Surface treatment: sandblasting oxidation
  • Specifications: Customized in batches according to drawings and samples
  • Surface roughness: according to customer needs
  • Proofing cycle: 1-5 days
  • Batch machining cycle: according to the complexity and quantity of product structure, negotiate cycle with customers

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