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Custom 5G Communication Lightweight Semiconductor Parts

  • 【Part name】Military lightweight semiconductor parts machining
  • 【Manufacturing process】CNC engraving and milling
  • 【Product Features】High machining accuracy and high film thickness requirements
  • 【Material used】Aviation aluminum 7075
  • 【Surface Treatment】Spray 120# fine sand, golden hard anodizing
  • 【Benefits after treatment】This part belongs to the appearance workpiece. After surface treatment, it is more resistant to corrosion and has a more beautiful appearance.
  • 【Machining equipment】Four-axis CNC machining center, drilling and tapping machine
  • 【Accuracy and size】Finish machining, some position tolerance requirements are ±0.01mm; size is 185mm*16mm*87.5mm
  • 【Quantity and delivery time】The customer made 175 pieces in total, 7 days for sample delivery, and 19 days for bulk delivery.

For semiconductor parts, the machining is very strict, and the machining steps include feeding and feeding. There are specific requirements for the size and accuracy, such as 1mm plus or minus how many microns, etc. If the size is too wrong, it will become a waste product. At this time, it is equivalent to remachining, which is time-consuming and laborious, and sometimes even makes the entire machining material scrap. This results in an increase in cost, and at the same time, the parts are definitely not usable.Be-cu is Professional semiconductor parts CNC machining Shop.Contact us for your projects.

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