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The Accuracy Analyzing Of Machining Floor Boring Machine Tables

The Accuracy Analyzing Of Machining Floor Boring Machine Tables

The original error reduction method when machining the floor boring machine table: If errors are found during production, the main factors that affect the machining errors should be found first, and then find ways to eliminate or reduce these factors.

Original error compensation method: artificially create a new error to offset the original error in the process system. When the original error is negative, the artificial error will take a positive value, otherwise, take a negative value, and try to make the two larger equal.

Original error transfer method: The original error of the process system can be transferred to the insensitive direction of the machining error or other aspects that do not affect the machining accuracy under certain conditions.

The original error equalization method: If the positioning error is large, the method of dividing some original errors can be adopted. That is, the original error is divided into n groups equally according to their size, the blank error range of each group is reduced to the original 1/n, and then the processing is adjusted according to each group.

Original error homogenization method: For parts with high machining accuracy requirements, the homogenization method can be used. It is to use closely related surfaces to compare each other, find out the differences from the comparison, and then perform mutual correction or mutual benchmark processing, so that the error of the workpiece surface to be processed is continuously reduced and even.

In machining, machining accuracy error is inevitable. Only by analyzing the factors affecting the error in detail, can corresponding preventive measures be taken to reduce machining error and improve machining efficiency.

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