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The Application Of Oxidation Aluminum Parts Technology In Ceramic Machining Industry

The Application Of Oxidation Aluminum Parts Technology In Ceramic Machining Industry

The Application Of Oxidation Aluminum Parts Technology In Ceramic Machining Industry

In recent years, with the continuous maturity of oxidation aluminum parts technology, its application field has been further expanded, and gradually extended to various industries including ceramic machining products.

In recent years, with the rapid development of the ceramic industry, a large number of ceramic composite materials have been used in many projects. In addition, alumina, as a very important component in ceramic materials, has a very wide range of applications. This is mainly determined by the properties of alumina materials. Alumina not only has strong hardness, but also has very stable chemical properties.

In addition, alumina also has the characteristics of high wear resistance and high melting point. Because of this, alumina ceramic have stronger advantages than other materials. Alumina materials are widely used in various industries, including high temperature bearings, cutting tools and mechanical parts. In recent years, newly developed alumina-cerium oxide ceramic insert tools have been used in the production of precision lathes.

After experiments, it was found that the performance of this material is better than that of pure alumina blades. In addition, through the application of this material, the stability of the shape of the cutting edge can be effectively improved. At present, the main markets for aluminum oxidation processing in my country are as follows:

  • First, since alumina is an important reason for enhancing the corrosion resistance of aluminum, the oxidation treatment of aluminum products such as aluminum alloys can effectively improve the corrosion resistance of the products. By oxidizing the aluminum surface, an oxide film can be formed, and the film can effectively prevent the further oxidation process.
  • Second, as an excellent electrical and thermal conductor, aluminum has an extremely wide range of market applications, and is widely used for cutting tools because of the high hardness of its crystal form.
  • Third, alumina powder also has a very important application and is often used as a medium for chromatographic analysis.

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