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How To Avoid Scratch Defects In Aluminum Profiles?

How To Avoid Scratch Defects In Aluminum Profiles?

Scratch grooves on the surface of aluminum profiles are a very common surface defect, mostly caused by foreign objects stuck to the mold or rough machining at the empty knife. There is also a raised scratch at the corner of the product, which is caused by the crack of the extrusion die, and the lateral scratch or scratch is mainly due to the hard surface on the cooling bed when the product is transported laterally from the sliding table to the finished sawing table.

The protruding objects will scratch the product, and some are produced during loading and handling.

The main elimination methods are:

  1. The working belt of the extrusion die should be smooth and smooth, and the empty knife of the extrusion die should also be smooth.
  2. Careful inspection should be made when installing the mold to prevent the mold with small cracks from being used, and the fillet radius should be paid attention to when designing the mold.
  3. Regularly check the cooling bed and the finished product storage table to prevent the products from being scratched by hard protrusions.
  4. When loading, place a spacer that is softer than the product. Transportation and lifting should be stable and careful operation.

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