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How To Weld Aluminum

How To Weld Aluminum?Almost all welding methods can be used to weld aluminum and aluminum alloys, but aluminum and aluminum alloys have different adaptability to various welding methods, and each welding method has its own application. Gas welding and electrode arc welding methods are simple in equipment and easy to operate. Gas welding can be used for repair welding of aluminum sheets and castings that do not require high welding quality. Electrode arc welding can be used for repair welding of aluminum alloy castings. The inert gas shielded welding (TIG or MIG) method is the most widely used method for welding aluminum and aluminum alloys. Aluminum and aluminum alloy sheets Read more

Industrial Aluminum Profiles VS Traditional Welding Materials

It is understood that aluminum profiles are very common in today’s building materials market. As raw materials for building materials, they can not only produce a large number of commodities, but also have a great demand for construction projects. So, what kind of products can this material be made into? Aluminum profile manufacturers gave us the following answers. Workers from related manufacturers said that aluminum profiles are a kind of material with strong appearance and excellent seismic performance. of. Therefore, aluminum profiles are the raw materials for many products in the market, and they will have a larger development market. The application range of industrial aluminum profiles is getting wider Read more

The Methods Of Affecting Aluminum Extrusion Process

How important is the role of aluminum extrusion die for aluminum products? It can be said that it plays a vital role in the extrusion process of aluminum profiles and directly affects the quality of aluminum profiles!Then follow us to learn about some problems that we may cause during the die extrusion process in the production of aluminum. The First Is The Problem Of Seam Angle Or Poor Welding There are only two reasons for this problem, the first is that the orifice is small, the metal flow in the welding cavity is not enough to make the metal without sufficient hydrostatic pressure in the welding chamber, the product does Read more

What Is A Void In Aluminum Extrusion

Shortening At the tail end of some extruded products, after low magnification inspection, there is a horn-like phenomenon in the middle part of the cross section, which is called shrinking tail. Generally, the tail of the forward extrusion product is longer than that of the reverse extrusion, and the soft alloy is longer than the hard alloy. The shrinkage of the forward extruded product is mostly in the form of an annular disjoint layer, and the shrinkage of the reverse extruded product is mostly in the shape of a central funnel. The metal is extruded to the back end, and the ingot skin and foreign inclusions accumulated on the dead Read more

What Is A Temper Aluminum Extrusion

The quenched aluminum workpiece is reheated to an appropriate temperature lower than the lower critical temperature Ac1 (the starting temperature of pearlite to austenite transformation during heating), and the metal heat treatment is cooled in air or water, oil and other media after holding for a period of time craft. Or heat the quenched aluminum alloy workpiece to an appropriate temperature, hold it for a period of time, and then cool it slowly or rapidly. Generally used to reduce or eliminate internal stress in quenched steel, or reduce its hardness and strength to improve its ductility or toughness. The quenched aluminum workpiece should be tempered in time, and the required Read more

The Difference Between Aluminum Profile Housing And Aluminum Die-Casting Housing

In our daily life, we often see widely used aluminum profile housings and aluminum die casting housings. Compared with aluminum die-casting housings, aluminum profile housings have their own advantages. Aluminum profile housings are various housings made of aluminum alloys. Convenience, high flexibility, high grade, can effectively increase the added value of products, and can be widely used in the electronics industry, generally including aluminum profile shells and aluminum die-casting shells. So what is the difference between aluminum profile shell and aluminum die-casting shell? Next, BE-CU.COM author will introduce it. Aluminum Profile Shell The aluminum profile shell is a shell processed on the aluminum profile obtained by aluminum drawing. It has Read more

Aluminum Extrusion Heat Dissipation

With the rapid development of industrial mechanization, the development of radiators is getting faster and faster. In our daily life, radiators are everywhere. Automobile radiators, communication base radiators, locomotive radiators, wind radiators, power radiators, Electronic radiator, electrical radiator, LED lamp radiator, mechanical equipment radiator, new energy radiator, power semiconductor radiator, inverter radiator, CNC machine tool radiator… CPU, graphics card, motherboard chipset, Hard drives, cases, power supplies, and even optical drives and memory all require heat sinks. At present, extruded aluminum profiles are commonly used in the market to make radiators. The cooling fins can be made very thin, and the heat dissipation area can be expanded to the greatest extent. Read more

Vacuum Heat Treatment Of Aluminum Cutting Machine Manufacturers

Aluminum heat treatment cutting machine has a lot to do with material characteristics, processing temperature and processing speed, and the effect of different processing methods is obviously different. Aluminum profile cutting machine two kinds of mechanical tools specially used for aluminum cutting and blanking. The machine is used for cutting aluminum rods, aluminum plates, aluminum tubes, and aluminum profiles. The aluminum sawing machine is a device composed of a single-phase series excitation motor, a reduction mechanism, a splint, a power switch, and a casing. The aluminum sawing machine is also called the aluminum intermediary machine. The alloy saw blade is specially used for cutting various aluminum materials, and the cutting Read more

Why Are Radiators Made Of Aluminum Profiles

Let’s look at the characteristics of aluminum profiles first: aluminum profile radiators are also called radiator aluminum profiles or sunflower aluminum profiles. Aluminum profile radiators have the characteristics of beautiful appearance, light weight, good heat dissipation performance, and good energy-saving effect. In addition, the decorative performance of aluminum profiles is very strong: when aluminum profiles are used for decoration or some specific occasions, the surface needs to be anodized, painted, etc. to obtain the corresponding color and surface structure, and the corrosion resistance of aluminum profiles is relatively high. Good, its anodizing performance, surface treatment performance, coating performance are very good. In my country, aluminum radiators are widely used in Read more

The Installation Precautions Of Industrial Aluminum Profile Racks

Industrial aluminum profile storage shelves are generally customized according to customer needs, and need to be developed and customized in combination with the shape, structure and weight of the stored items. Different specifications of industrial aluminum profiles are selected according to demand and bearing capacity. Aluminum profile storage shelves are customized products according to the needs of customers. We mainly consider the following aspects to customize the use environment: 1: Bearing capacity: The aluminum profile shelf first needs to consider the maximum load carrying capacity of the shelf. The carrying capacity determines the stability of the shelf during use. Under the condition of overloading for a long time, the stability Read more