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Automatic Cnc Turning Aluminum 6063 Optical Intelligent Equipment Parts

  • 【Part name] Non-standard parts of precision optical intelligent equipment
  • 【Manufacturing process】Precision automatic car machining
  • 【Surface Treatment】 Heat Treatment + Blackening
  • 【Features】High precision

【Machining Equipment】

3-axis/4-axis/5-axis CNC machining centers (computer gongs), CNC lathes, and walking machines are all available; at the same time, there are gantry milling machining centers for large parts; precision grinders, EDM, wire cutting (fast/medium/ Slow-moving wire) and other auxiliary machining equipment.

【Accuracy and size】

The positioning tolerance Z height of milling can reach ±0.01mm, and the tolerance Z height of turning machining can reach ±0.005mm;

【Material and post-machining】

Support one-stop service of sandblasting oxidation, electroplating, silk screen, laser and other post-machining.

【Quantity and machining cycle】

Provide quick proofing (1 piece minimum order), small batch trial production and mass production services; samples are provided in the fastest 2 days, and the on-time delivery rate of small batch and mass production in the past 7 days is 95%; mass production products have good consistency and extremely Competitive prices.

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