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CNC Machining C-Shaped LED Display Cavity Housing After Die Casting

  • Product name: C type box
  • Material: aluminum alloy
  • Industry: LED box industry
  • Product specification: 609.63*342.9*41.5

Machining Requirements:

  • The whole part is treated with black electrostatic spraying, and the texture is subject to the sample.
  • After the secondary machining of the parts, electrophoresis treatment is applied to the leaking parts, and the edges and corners of the lateral rectangular holes are blunt.
  • All tooth holes are protected by oil injection
  • The acute angle is blunt, the burr and flash are removed, and there should be no scratches, scratches and other defects on the surface of the parts that damage the surface of the parts.
  • The machined surface is not allowed to have rust and defects such as bumps and scratches that affect performance, life or appearance, and the casting surface is not allowed to have cold insulation, cracks, shrinkage holes, penetrating defects and serious incomplete defects. Clean up without burrs, flashes,
  • The pouring riser on the non-machining surface should be cleaned and flush with the surface of the casting, and the casting and signs on the surface of the workpiece should be clear and identifiable.

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