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The Define, Types, Examples And Tips For Rapid Prototyping

Have you ever heard about a product prototype? It seems like a very technical and specific word, but the truth is that it is so familiar that you can’t even imagine it. Due to this, in this note we will tell you what a prototype of a product is, what it is for and what the guidelines are for making one. A fundamental part of the development of a product or rapid prototyping service is born as a result of a prototype. In fact, the device you are using to read this text arose from prototyping planning and extensive project execution. Therefore, today you will learn how to design a Read more

How To Make A Mold For Aluminum Casting

In the process of starting production of aluminum die-casting molds, the mold must be preheated to prevent the appearance of cracks caused by the sudden encounter of hot metal liquid in the cold mold. For more complex molds, blowtorch, liquefied gas, and good conditions With a mold temperature machine, relatively simple molds can be preheated by slow injection. If the mold is equipped with neutron control, pay attention to prohibit the signal line between the die-casting machine and the mold from having joints. The reason is very clear. In daily production, it is difficult to avoid water on the signal line, or the joints are easily broken. , resulting in Read more

The Production Technology Of Aluminum Alloy Wheel Hub

Wheel hub, also known as rim, is a barrel shaped part of the tire inner contour used to support the tire, and the center is assembled on the shaft. Common automobile wheels include steel wheels and aluminum alloy wheels. Steel wheel hub has high strength and is often used in large trucks; However, the steel wheel hub has heavy quality and single shape, which is not in line with today’s low-carbon and fashionable concept, and is gradually replaced by aluminum alloy wheel hub. The wheels on the market can be divided into steel wheels and alloy wheels according to their materials. The main advantage of steel wheel hub is that Read more

The Skills Of CNC Turning Aluminum Thin-Walled Parts

During the CNC turning process, the thin wall is easily deformed by the cutting force, resulting in an ellipse or a “waist-shaped” phenomenon with a small middle and large ends. In addition, due to the poor heat dissipation during aluminum machining, the thin-walled sleeve is easily thermally deformed, and it is not easy to ensure the machining quality of the parts. The aluminum parts in the figure below are not only inconvenient to clamp, but also difficult to process the machining parts. It is necessary to design a special thin-walled casing and shaft protection. ▌ Process Analysis According to the technical requirements provided by the drawings, the aluminum workpiece is Read more

In the cnc machining process of making prototype samples, we will come into contact with various parts, which means that there are different post-processing requirements. Anodizing is one of them. Today we will introduce this process. Anodizing is a kind of electrolytic oxidation. In this process, the surface of aluminum alloy is usually transformed into an oxide film. This film has protective, decorative and other functions. It is divided into aluminum alloy hard anodizing and ordinary aluminum alloy anodized. The Detail Of Anodizing Aluminum Cnc Prototype Parts Process Mechanical polishing – degreasing – alkali washing – acid washing – chemical polishing – anodizing – dyeing – sealing – mechanical brightening; Read more

Secondary Process After CNC Machining Heat Treatment

When you finish CNC machining a part, your job isn’t done. These raw components may have unsightly surfaces, may not be strong enough, or are just part of one component that must be joined with other components to form a complete product. After all, how often do you use a device made up of individual parts? The point is that post-processing processes are necessary for a range of applications, and here we introduce you to some considerations so that you can choose the right secondary operation for your project. In this three-part series, we’ll cover options and considerations for heat treatment processes, finishes, and hardware installation. Any or all of Read more

10 Assembly Rule Designs To Follow

1. Minimize the number of parts Find ways to combine parts. For example, many electronic equipment enclosures use living hinges instead of knuckle hinges. When routing, choose a molded guide feature, or use a thermoformed guide (like the old LazerTag gun). Speaking of minimizing parts count… 2. Built-in fasteners Where possible, build assembly features directly into the part instead of using screws. Snap fits are generally equally secure and can be assembled without tools. Sometimes screws are necessary, but sparing the use of fasteners can consume up to 50% of assembly labor. One thing to note: Snap fits can add to the cost of the injection mold, so be sure Read more

When Crankshaft Production Encounters Vector Grinding

In the current automobile production, more and more attention is paid to quality inspection. The auto manufacturing industry faces rising competitive pressures and stricter legal regulations. In order to avoid costly recalls, etc., the development of automobile manufacturing has to be considered from many aspects. For example, more than 1.9 million vehicles were recalled in Germany in 2014 alone, according to the Centre for Automotive Management (CAM). Faced with this situation, manufacturers in various fields have to step up to improve their production process, especially the production process of improving the engine structure. The crankshaft is a prime example: this core component will have to assume greater stability in the Read more

The Accuracy Analyzing Of Machining Floor Boring Machine Tables

The original error reduction method when machining the floor boring machine table: If errors are found during production, the main factors that affect the machining errors should be found first, and then find ways to eliminate or reduce these factors. Original error compensation method: artificially create a new error to offset the original error in the process system. When the original error is negative, the artificial error will take a positive value, otherwise, take a negative value, and try to make the two larger equal. Original error transfer method: The original error of the process system can be transferred to the insensitive direction of the machining error or other aspects Read more