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Vacuum Heat Treatment Of Aluminum Cutting Machine Manufacturers

Vacuum Heat Treatment Of Aluminum Cutting Machine Manufacturers

Vacuum Heat Treatment Of Aluminum Cutting Machine Manufacturers Aluminum heat treatment cutting machine has a lot to do with material characteristics, processing temperature and processing speed, and the effect of different processing methods is obviously different. Aluminum profile cutting machine two kinds of mechanical tools specially used for aluminum cutting and blanking. The machine is used for cutting aluminum rods, aluminum plates, aluminum tubes, and aluminum profiles. The aluminum sawing machine is a device composed of a single-phase series excitation motor, a reduction mechanism, a splint, a power switch, and a casing. The aluminum sawing machine is also called the aluminum intermediary machine.

The alloy saw blade is specially used for cutting various aluminum materials, and the cutting efficiency is high. The multi-angle aluminum cutting machine is controlled by PLC to realize automatic cutting work. It adopts tungsten steel circular saw blade for cutting, and the speed of the saw blade is 3200 rpm. Suitable for all kinds of aluminum products manufacturing cutting precision requirements. Such as heat sink aluminum, U disk MP3 aluminum shell, aluminum tube, aluminum rod, aluminum alloy material cutting saw material. The aluminum sawing machine consists of a single-phase series excitation motor, a deceleration mechanism, a splint, a power switch and a casing. Aluminum sawing machine, also known as aluminum intermediary machine, uses alloy saw blade to cut various aluminum materials with high cutting efficiency.

Aluminum profile cutting machine is two kinds of mechanical tools specially used for cutting and blanking aluminum materials. The cutter of the aluminum profile cutting machine is a circular saw blade, inlaid with carbide particles. The spindle speed of the saw blade is 2000-5000 rpm. Aluminum profile cutting machine is used to cut aluminum strips, aluminum sheets, aluminum tubes and aluminum profiles. The second type of aluminum cutting machine can realize the functions of feeding, sizing, clamping, feeding, loosening, finished product conveying, printing batch number, and outputting tailings. , and automatic circulation to achieve continuous automatic processing. Moreover, operating the system through this teaching method is simple, does not destroy social work components, is pollution-free, and has low cost, which is of great help in improving the quality of tools.

  • 1. Mainly in the following aspects: Vacuum heat treatment can prevent oxidation. The surface is not oxidized or decarburized, and has the effect of reducing rust removal. It can also save the roughing process of the bending machine, save the working time of raw materials and blades, save processing time, and reduce production costs.
  • 2. Vacuum heat treatment has the functions of vacuum degassing, degreasing and no danger of hydrogen embrittlement, which can prevent the embrittlement of the refractory metal surface of the blade material, improve the surface purity of the blade material, and improve the strength, plasticity, toughness and corrosion resistance of the bending machine. performance, prolong the service life of the bending machine
  • 3. Vacuum heat treatment and quenching temperature deformation is small, which can reduce the possibility of blade breakage during our use and management process by reducing the correction stress of quenching deformation required by the company. The deformation of vacuum heat treatment blade is 12-110 times that of salt bath quenching, and it can be finished into finished products without correction method after quenching;
  • 4. The vacuum heat treatment process has good stability and good repeatability.

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