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Why Are Radiators Made Of Aluminum Profiles?

Why Are Radiators Made Of Aluminum Profiles?

Why Are Radiators Made Of Aluminum Profiles

Let’s look at the characteristics of aluminum profiles first: aluminum profile radiators are also called radiator aluminum profiles or sunflower aluminum profiles. Aluminum profile radiators have the characteristics of beautiful appearance, light weight, good heat dissipation performance, and good energy-saving effect. In addition, the decorative performance of aluminum profiles is very strong: when aluminum profiles are used for decoration or some specific occasions, the surface needs to be anodized, painted, etc. to obtain the corresponding color and surface structure, and the corrosion resistance of aluminum profiles is relatively high. Good, its anodizing performance, surface treatment performance, coating performance are very good. In my country, aluminum radiators are widely used in machinery, automobiles, wind power generation, construction machinery, air compressors, railway locomotives, household appliances and other industries because of their superior performance. No exception, aluminum profiles are becoming more and more popular for radiators, and aluminum extrusion is the main form. This is because the size of the extruded blank is consistent, the production cycle is short, and the cost is relatively low.

The heat dissipation performance of aluminum is 3 times that of steel. The thermal conductivity of aluminum is 167W/m.K, and the thermal conductivity of steel is 50W/m.K. W is heat; M is material thickness; K is temperature. The thermal conductivity is defined as: per unit length, per K, how much energy can be transferred in W. The larger the value, the better the thermal conductivity. We can see that the thermal conductivity of aluminum is 3 times that of steel, indicating that the thermal conductivity of aluminum is 3 times that of steel. Moreover, the aluminum radiator not only has good heat dissipation, but also has good thermal conductivity, pressure resistance, and metal thermal strength.

The metal thermal strength of aluminum is 2.277W/Kg°C, while that of cast iron is 0.4W/Kg°C, that of steel is 0.76W/Kg°C, and that of copper and aluminum is 1.728W/Kg°C. The characteristics of the aluminum radiator, the appearance is electrostatically sprayed, the color is beautiful, and the decoration is good. The general evaluation is: comprehensive production does not pollute the environment and water quality. The heat dissipation strength is four times that of cast corners. Light weight is one-tenth of cast iron. Beautiful and elegant, occupying little room space, environmental protection and energy saving. It is in line with the requirements of “light, high efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving” for the development of radiators in my country. In terms of making radiators, aluminum alloys are a good choice for making radiators.

Whether it is energy saving, material saving, decoration, price, weight and other aspects are dominant. That is, copper-aluminum, steel-aluminum, stainless-steel-aluminum and other aluminum composite products contain aluminum components. The problem lies in the combination of the above. It is only inferior to steel pipes in terms of bending, but the heat dissipation of steel pipes is not as good as that of aluminum; in terms of price, it is a special point; in terms of anti-corrosion, steel is the first After phosphating, the anti-corrosion process is complicated, and the aluminum alloy is oxidation anti-corrosion or direct anti-corrosion. Therefore, the radiator made of aluminum alloy material is superior to the radiator made of other materials in every aspect.

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