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Aluminum Oxide Formula

Aluminum Oxide Formula

CaO, MgO, SiO2 and transition metal and rare earth metal oxides are commonly used as additives in 95 porcelain. It can be fired at a lower temperature, and there are generally 10% (volume) glass phase and subcrystalline phase in the microstructure. In the CaO-AI2O3_ _SiO2 system phase diagram, the lowest eutectic phase temperature is 1495 ° C. When the ratio of SiO2/CaO in the porcelain composition is <2.16, the minerals that coexist with corundum are anorthite and calcium hexaaluminate; and when SiO2/CaO>2.16, corundum will coexist with mullite and anorthite. The advantages of the MgO-AI2O3-SiO2 system are good acid resistance and fine grains in the structure, but the sintering temperature is a few degrees higher than that of CaO-AI2O3-SiO2.

The introduction of Y2O3 and La2O3 can further reduce the sintering temperature. The CaO-MgO-AI2O3-SiO2 system has the characteristics of low sintering temperature, small grain size, dense structure and strong resistance to acid and alkali corrosion. 95 porcelain can also be added with BaO and BaO-AI2O-SiO2 series, which have the advantages of good surface finish, good acid and alkali corrosion resistance, and high volume resistivity. Using transition metal oxides such as Cr2O3, MnO2, TiO2 and other transition metal oxides as additives, the colored 95 porcelain is formed, which has the characteristics of low sintering temperature, high mechanical strength, good wear resistance and metal sealing performance.

75 Porcelain is added with kaolin, bentonite, BaCO3, calcite, talc, magnesite, etc. as additives. – Quantitative mullite phase; the other type adds a small amount of alkaline earth Aluminum Oxide Formula such as CaO, MgO, BaO, etc., the crystal phase in this type of porcelain is still mostly corundum, and mullite is less popular.

Black alumina ceramics with excellent performance are produced by introducing transition elements Fe, Co, Ni, Cr, Mn, Ti, V, etc. Such as adding 3%-4%-a mixture of the above-mentioned partial transition elements in the alumina ceramic material, black alumina ceramics can be fired.

The Recipe Example Of Aluminum Oxide Formula 

Aluminum Oxide Formula Several practical formulas of 95 porcelain and 75 porcelain: 95 Porcelain:

  • 1# calcined Al2O393.5%, SiO21.28%, CaCO33.25%, 1# Suzhou soil 1.29%
  • 2# calcined Al20394%, calcined talc 3%, 1# Suzhou soil 3%
  • 3# calcined AI20394%, calcined talc 4%

75 Porcelain:

  • 1# calcined AI20365%, 1# Suzhou soil 24%, bentonite 2%, BaCO34%, calcite 3%, raw talc 2%
  • 2# calcined Al20365%, 1# Suzhou soil 25%, BaCO3 4%, calcite 3%, raw talc 3%
  • 3# calcined AI2O350%, 1# Suzhou soil 10%, bentonite 7%, BaCO35%, calcite 3%, raw talc 5%
  • 4# calcined AI20370%, 1# Suzhou soil 10%, bentonite 7%, BaCO35%, calcite 3%, raw talc 5%

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