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How Can We Benefit From The Energetic Metals That The Electric Car Has

According to recent studies, batteries will comprise 70% of the world’s demand for lithium, which represents an increase of 30% from 2015. The growing acceptance of the battery will be a boon to the output of lithium, cobalt, and manganese. This growing trend is not limited to the demand for lithium, it is likely that the demand for other key elements in lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries will also increase in the coming years. Such a high rate of demand for these metals may vary as lithium-ion battery technology continues to be embraced in electric vehicles, electronics and energy storage, which will spark strong interest in metals markets. Elements that are part of a Read more

Aluminium A New Material For Car Bodywork

In the automobile industry, for a few years, car manufacturers have been using a new material for their bodies, aluminum . The main reason why they use it is because, thanks to its lightness, it complies with the CO2 emissions indicated by the European Union. In this article, where we are going to review the information published on the aluminum machining blog , we will make a small analysis of the qualities, advantages and disadvantages of using aluminum in car bodies. Qualities: It has a lower weight than steel, which allows us to obtain great lightness . High electrical and thermal conductivity , much more energy is needed in the fusion welding process Read more

The New Metals Of The Future

In the 18th century, a Swedish scientist discovered some incredible magnetic metals and even he did not imagine the importance they would have in the future. Specifically, there are 15 elements that went from being “rare earths” to becoming essential metals for new electronic and environmental technologies; experts have called it the “new oil”. These are the 15 metals, the use of each of them and where we can find them: Thulium – used in X-ray machines. Yttrium : we can find it in devices capable of detecting earthquakes. Promethium – is in nuclear batteries. Terbium – They use it for fluorescent lamps or to make energy-saving light bulbs. Lutetium – Its main use is in the Read more

Can You Get Rich Off Street Metals

In our society we live surrounded by many curious metals with which we can improve our personal economy, we just need to have a large place to store them since the more we collect the more we will earn. There are three metals that we can find that are worth their weight in gold, in the current scrap market. Next, we are going to share with you this curious article that we have read on the metal casting blog and to comment on which are the metals that can make you earn a little extra money at the end of the month, where to find them and what is their approximate price in Read more

Metal Recycling, A Solution To Reduce Environmental Pollution

Today, there is a global problem that is affecting us all more every day and that is pollution. This issue is beginning to create tension in all countries since it is becoming more serious, for this reason, among all they are looking for projects that reduce the level of contamination as much as possible. One of the latest strategies that the European Union has launched is a circular energy model with a series of regulations on recycling and waste management, since it is thought that recycling can be a very good solution. Right now, we are at a time when technology is growing more and more, autonomous vehicles, home automation, Read more

How To Reduce The Radiation Of Laser Cutter To Human Body

The application of laser cutting machine has been applied to all walks of life, and is often used by some mechanical and electrical power plants, medicine and many other fields. Now let’s learn about the structure and application of common laser cutting machines: laser cutting machine equipment is mainly the integration of machine, light, electricity, and the whole system is mainly composed of: machine tool host part (mechanical part), laser (+ components of external optical path), numerical control system and console (electrical control part), together with auxiliary equipment for laser cutting: stabilized power supply, chiller, gas cylinder, air compressor, gas storage tank, Cooling dryers, filters, exhaust dust collectors, slag dischargers, Read more

How To Cut Aluminum Sheet Metal

Aluminum alloys are widely used in all equipment, accessories, or machining on the market today. Like many cutting aluminum plates on the market, whether it is a storefront or some factories, a lot of attention is now paid to this piece. So what kind of saw blade should be used to cut aluminum plate? A certain R sawing board company also found our company on the Internet, and the distance is very close. He just wanted to find a nearby supplier. Because the sheet metal fabrication of aluminum plates consumes a lot of saw blades, the period for grinding this piece is relatively short, and then the degree of cooperation Read more

Can Integrated Die Castings Surpass Aluminum Profiles In The automotive Field

Recently, Guangdong Hongtu, a china aluminum alloy auto parts manufacturer, announced that Xiaopeng Motors finally chose the company as the supplier of integrated structural parts for a certain model of the chassis it is developing. Previously, Guangdong Hongtu has introduced a set of 6800T die casting island and completed the trial mode, and signed a contract to purchase a set of 12000T die-casting island in early 2022. In addition to Guangdong Hongtu, in the first few months of this year, some other companies reported projects related to ultra-large integrated aluminum die casting: for example, Wencan Group’s world’s first 9000T die-casting island was successfully trial-produced at its Tianjin production base, and Read more

New Development Of Gear Machining And Lubrication Technology

As we all know, gear transmission is the most common type of mechanical transmission in modern machines, and it is an important basic component of mechanical products. Compared with other mechanical transmission forms (chain transmission, belt transmission, hydraulic transmission, etc.), it has the characteristics of large power range, high transmission efficiency, accurate transmission and long service life. Therefore, it has become an indispensable transmission part of many mechanical products, and it is also the transmission form that accounts for the largest proportion in the machine. The design and manufacturing level of gears will directly affect the performance and quality of mechanical products. For example, in the modern and booming automobile Read more

What Is Welding Fastening Technology

Usually, the method of using bolts and nuts to fasten takes up a lot of tightening time. In fact, there are many other joining methods, and the most important one is the method of joining components by welding. Welding is a common technique for sheet metal assembly. Automobile bodies, electrical appliances and almost all products composed of two or more pieces of steel plates may usually use welding joining methods, which is also the current situation. In order to further simplify the assembly process, and to allow for the disassembly and replacement of components, the fasteners are usually welded directly at the joints, which has many associated advantages. While most Read more